Agrilos Arena
The Conch, The Shell
Agrilos Arena 2
Full name The Downtown Agrilos Arena
Location 21st Street West 2250 Agrilos, Posillipo
Broke ground 1997
Built 1997
Opened 1999
Expanded 2005
Owner The City of Agrilos
Operator The City of Agrilos
Surface Natural Wood
Construction cost 80 Million
Architect Hugh Cameron
Capacity 25,000
Executive Suites 40
Record attendance 24,789
Website conchshell.psp
The Agrilos Falcons

The Agrilos Arena is a multi-purpose athletic arena located in Agrilos, Posillipo. The arena is a new-age architectural design and was built through 1997 and 1998, and put into commission January of 1999. The design was submitted by Mr. Hugh Cameron, an architect from Nigeria. The arena is home to the Agrilos Falcons a SimSports Basketball Association (SBA) team. The arena also serves as a convention center and hosts many concerts, the arena also can accommodate ice hockey and figure skating, as well as short-track speed skating. The arena also hosts a masterfully designed park with large ponds on both sides. The Agrilos Arena will be one of the center pieces for the possible upcoming Agrilos bid for the Simlympics



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