Bonnin Stadium
Bonnin Stadium
Above: Bonnin Stadium
Full name Bonnin Memorial Stadium
Location 101 Olympic Drive W Agrilos
Broke ground 2005
Built 2005-2006
Opened 2006
Owner The City of Agrilos
Operator The City of Agrilos
Surface Synthetic Turf
Scoreboard High-Definition Jumbo-Tron
Construction cost 630 Million Enieo
Architect Raphael Vynken
Capacity 65,000
Executive Suites 25
Record attendance 68,000

Bonnin Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium located in Agrilos, Posillipo. The stadium is an original new-age design built between 2005 and 2006. The stadium design was submitted by Russian architect, Raphael Vynken during a contest hosted by the Agrilos City Government. The stadium can be used for multiple things and have previously been used as a soccer and football arena and, has been used as a host of many concerts. The stadium will undergo renovations for an upcoming Agrilos Simlympic Bid. The stadium is located in Agrilos Simlympic Park.

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