Ont Èté
—  Capital City  —
The Capital City of Demetrios
Above : Agrilos Skyline
Flag of Agrilos.png
Logo of Agrilos.png
Nickname(s): The Blue City
Motto: Unissez-vous Avec Le Bleu Profond
Location of Agrilos.png
Country Flag of PosillipoPosillipo
County Philippos
Political District 000-1A
Founded 1243
Founder Lucien Agrilo Bonnin
Capital District Capital Village
 - Type Agrilos Metropolitan Government
 - Body City Council
 - Mayor Marco Ralios (C.P.)
 - Chair Nikodemos Thanasis
Population (2011)
- City 2,435,432
- Metropolitan 4,543,534
- Density 4,411.8/km2 (11,426.5/sq mi)
- Metro Density 309.7/km2 (802.2/sq mi)
- City 244/km2
- Metro 6,519 km2
Website www.agrilos.psp

Demetrios, officially the Capital City of Demetrios, is the capital of the United Kingdom of Posillipo. It is the site of the Posilliponian Government, the House of Consuls, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and serves as the site for Biddingforth Palace, the official residence of the Posilliponian Monarch. As well as the home for the President of the Senate and the First Minister of the House. Since the 1700s, the Posilliponian Monarch has resided at Biddingforth Palace, which is a large mansion located just out side of Demetrios, in Capital Village. Although the monarch resides in Biddingforth Palace, their official workplace is across the village in the Royal Palace of Posillipo. As of 2010, the official population of Demetrios was 2,435,432 making it home to about 1% of Posillipo's population which is 250 Million.

Founded circa 1250, Demetrios has long been one of Posillipo's many cultural, media, political, and economic centres. Its strategic location on the Agrilonian River in Central Posillipo, between two mountain ranges, has been historically important. Demetrios is known for its beauty, its buildings and architecture, its abundant clean and open water, and its many parks. It is sometimes referred to as the Green City. Agrilos is the most visited city in Posillipo, with 1.9 million international visitors in 2008.