ECAC 18 Conference
Established 1981
Association CCAA
{Division CCAA Division I undefined
Members 16
Sports fielded 10 (men's: 10; women's: 8)
Region Escambia
Former names ECAC 12
Headquarters Freeport,Escambia
Commissioner Rodger Wilson (since 2005)

The ECAC 18 Conference, commonly called the ECAC 18, is a collegiate athletics conference consisting of sixteen universities in Escambia. The conference participates in all CCAA sports. Despite the conference's name, since Air Force Academy and Holy Cross University left in 2010, there have been 16 schools in the ECAC 18. ECAC 18 has proposed a new logo being called the "Big 16" after joining the CCAA



Institution Location Undergraduate
Nickname Endowment
Freeport Freeport 84,300 2010 Huskies 0ϵ15.1 Billion
BremertonEscambia State Kassel 46,500 2010 Lions 0ϵ300 Million
Dawson 2Davidson Humboldt 53,000 2010 Bobcats 0ϵ4.4 Billion
Eat Daws[[[[Dawson 2Escambia Glauchau 40,000 2010 Stags 00ϵ450 Million
GoodwinEscambia A&M Ames 44,650 2010 Aggies 00ϵ220 Million
Cirks State Cirks 32,040 2010 Rams 00ϵ400 Million
Dawson 2Sachsen Sachsen 41,400 2010 Bears 00ϵ350 Million
Dawson 2Escambia Tech Freeport 30,500 2010 Tigers 00ϵ600 Million
QuinaultDawson 2Aloisa Aloisa 43,000 2010 Seahawks 00ϵ140 Million
SkagitDawson 2Frankfurt Frankfurt 36,000 2010 Admirals 00ϵ100 Million
TulalipDawson 2Monte-Adelais Monte-Adelais 65,000 2010 Mustangs 00ϵ10.2 Billion
VantageDawson 2Stanford Anton 51,000 2010 Oaks 0ϵ2.2 Billion
Dawson 2Glauchau Glauchau 54,300 2010 Hawkeyes 0ϵ1.7 Billion
Dawson 2Schleswig Schleswig 21,200 2010 Pioneers ϵ13.6 Billion
Dawson 2Bayern Bayern 36,500 2010 Wildcats 0ϵ300 Million
Dawson 2Algona Algona 67,000 2010 Bulldogs 0ϵ6.8 Billion


Cross country runningEdit


The ECAC Championship Game pits the top two ECAC teams in a game held after the regular season has been completed. As of 2010, ten of the sixteen ECAC members have played in the Championship. The following the teams have not made the championship; Frankfurt, Sachsen, Aloisa, Bayern, Schleswig, Stanford.

The first two ECAC Championship football games were held at Husky Stadium in Freeport, Escambia. Since 1994, the game has been played at the Glauchau Metro Arena in Glauchau,Escambia. The team designated as the "home" team is the team who finished first in ECAC. As of 2010, the 2nd place team of the ECAC leads the 1st place team in overall wins in the championship game 18 to 12.

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The members of the ECAC 18 have longstanding rivalries with each other, especially on the football field. Each school has at least one traveling trophy at stake.

Team 1 Team 2 Trophy
Freeport Escambia Tech Battle of Freeport Bay
Freeport Monte-Adelais Mountain Cup
Davidson Monte-Adelais North v. South
Glauchau Escambia The Battle of Glauchau
Escambia State Escambia Lion-Buck Series
Escambia Tech Escambia A&M The Escambia Showdown
Aloisa Bayern Heartland Trophy
Algona Escambia Battle of Red
Algona Stanford The Battle of Little Big Horn
Stanford Schleswig The Game
Schleswig Algona Pioneer-Bulldog Series
Schleswig Freeport Slab of Bacon
Cirks State Glauchau President's Victory Bell
Frankfurt Sachsen The Hunt


School Football stadium Capacity Basketball arena Capacity Baseball field Capacity
Freeport Husky Stadium 85,000 Air Escambia Centre 21,000 Husky Ballpark 48,052
Escambia State Lion Auto Stadium 70,000 Luftbahn Arena 18,000 Lion Auto Park 5,420
Davidson Bobcats Stadium 60,000 Blackwater Arena 20,000 Davidson Park 16,000
Escambia Glauchau Metro Arena 72,968 Glauchau Metro Arena 55,675* Glauchau Metro Arena 63,525**
Escambia A&M Aggies Stadium 62,000 Aggieland Arena 19,500 Aggie Ballpark 13,000
Cirks State Yi Media Stadium 65,000 Bayern Airways Arena 16,500 Rams Park 3,400
Sachsen Black Sun Stadium 57,000 Julia Van Stratten Arena 18,370 Bears Park 5,000
Escambia Tech Goodwin Motors Arena 49,250 Goodwin Motors Arena 34,616* Goodwin Motors Arena 42,000
Aloisa Aloisa Metro Stadium 55,000 Seahawks Arena 17,500 Aloisa Stadium 10,000
Frankfurt Admiral Stadium 49,000 Nate M. Saathoff Court 13,000 Admiral Ballpark 3,000
Monte-Adelais Adelais Stadium 80,000 Lion Auto Arena 17,530 Mustang Stadium 12,000
Stanford The Oak Stadium 30,000 Stanford Arena 16,000 Oak Park 4,000
Glauchau Glauchau Metro Arena 72,968 Glauchau Metro Arena 55,675* Glauchau Metro Arena 63,525**
Schleswig Schleswig Stadium 35,000 Sacred Heart Arena 13,000 Pioneer Ballpark 10,000
Bayern Bayern Airways Stadium 42,000 Bayern Fletcher Arena 16,700 Wildcat Park 7,500
Algona Devine Athletics Field 77,000 Hy-Vee Arena 21,000 Bulldog Park 15,000

Television coverageEdit

As of 2010, the ECAC 18 has carriage agreements with the following broadcast and cable networks.

Broadcast televisionEdit

  • YSN broadcasts football games within the conference, primarily in the 3:30 p.m. slot on Saturdays, but occasionally at noon and during Saturday Night Football.
  • YSN2 carries select men's basketball games on weekends, including the semifinals and championship game of the ECAC 18 Men's Basketball Tournament.

Cable televisionEdit

  • ECAC Network was created in 2008 through a joint partnership between the ECAC 18 and Yi Media and debuted the following year, replacing the YSN Plus package previously offered to ECAC 18 markets via syndication. Based in downtown Freeport, the network's lineup consists exclusively of ECAC 18-related programming, such as a nightly highlights show, in addition to live events.
  • YSN Inc.-ECAC 18 football, basketball and volleyball air on YSN and YSN2, and sometimes on YSNU and YSN Classic. The conference's contract with YSN also allows for the transmission of events through YSN Mobile,, and On Demand platforms.

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