The Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms
المملكة جانسباي الملكي
Flag of Gansbaai Placeholder other
Flag Coat of arms
Location map Gansbaai
Capital None1
Largest city Al Aaium
Official language(s) Arabic, Spanish2
Demonym Gansbaaiian
Socialist federation

June 21, 1994
 • 2010 est.
 • 2010 census
9,789,702 (TBD)
 • Total
 • Per capita
GDP (nominal)
 • Total
 • Per capita
2010 estimate
ϵ180.4 billion (TBD)
HDI (2010) Increase 0.892 – very high
Currency Moroccan dirham (MAD)
Time zone UTC±0
Internet TLD .rgk
Calling code +111
1The Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms has ten self-governing provinces with separate capitals, but no national capital.
2Spanish is the official language of the Canary Islands province, while the other nine speak Arabic.

The Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms, commonly referred to as Gansbaai, is a union of ten self-governing provinces in Africa and member of the Confederacy of Free Regions since 2010.


In 1993; After much dispute over the lands in West Sahara, It was decided by the several West African countries disputed over the area, (Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, and Mali), that citizens in the boundaries would have independence as their own country, The Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms. This new country was officially deemed a country on June 21st, 1994

In 1997, Major Oil Reserves were found in lands disputed by Morocco, The Gansbaai Kingdoms, Mauritania, Algeria, Mali, and Songhai. The lands were originally disputed over Political issues and "Power". This gave even more reasons to want the area. Tensions between the countries grew over the years.

Recently in late 2008, the disputed lands were given to Gansbaai. The revenue from the oil soon made the population of Gansbaai skyrocket, and Almost every major city in the country is a commercial epi-center.

The Future... Gansbaai is looking for new land acquisitions. One is Antarctica, were it wishes to set up a research facility, and also is starting to fund a space program.


The The Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms is located on the west coast of Africa and is south of Morocco. It is mostly arid lands being located on the far west side of the Sahara. Coastal areas receive plentiful amounts of rain, but the land gets very dry very quick due to rapid evaporation. A Mediterranean Style climate exists on the Northern coasts, but traveling inland the climate changes to arid desert very fast. Moisture here evaporates before it even hits the ground. Urban areas in the nation are Massive; with large diversions between urban and rural. The largest city is Al Aium. Other major cities are Nouadhibou, Zukuraai, Sidi-Sabi & Bir Moghrein