—  Province of Gigá  —
Province of Gigá
Flag of Gigá
Official seal of Gigá
Country New Chandler
Capital New Chandler City
 - Minister Ernie Orr (P)
Gigá is a province in the sovereign state of New Chandler that occupies the island farthest to the Southwest (occupied by the New Chandler City Metropolitan Area) as well as Royal Ashton. At the 2008 census, the population of the state was just above twenty million, making Gigá the second most populous province in New Chandler, only behind Montañas. Gigá is slightly less dense than Pelham, the densest province in the country. Because Gigá is from Spanish descent, most of the population is Catholic. The vernacular is English and Spanish.

The capital city of the province (and the country and the COFR) is New Chandler City. Over half of the residents of Gigá live in New Chandler City, only about fifty thousand live outside of the metropolitan area, in Royal Ashton.

The province is located to the west of the Glendora and to the south of Pelham.


Spanish ruleEdit

Gigá was the first location to be colonized by the Spanish, in 1606. They founded the colony of Cerero, (in the present-day New Chandler City Regal District) which translated to Chandler. Although this town started as a small farm town, population was up to nearly 120,000 on the entire island by the year 1800, with the city expanding rapidly. Townspeople went and founded Andersen, Winchester, and Compton by the year 1820, and La Brea in 1832.

In 1839, a fire broke out in the Axchester District. The fire spread throughout New Chandler City and Winchester and Compton farmland, which hurt the economy for the next several years badly. 70 people died in the fire.

Gigá todayEdit