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The Continent of Itzamna
Location of Itzamna.png
The western hemisphere of New Gaea with Itzamna highlighted in green.
Countries 5 Countries
Dependencies 5 Dependencies
Languages List of languages
Timezones UGT−11, UGT−10, UGT−9,
UGT−8, UGT−7, UGT−6,
UGT−5, UGT−4
Denonym Itzamnan
Area 33,507,204 km²
(33,521,687 mi²)
Pop. Density 21.4 per km²
(56.0 per mi²)
Population 424,119,721
Largest Cities List of largest cities in Itzamna
Itzamna Sat

A composite relief image of Itzamna.