Κάρπαθος Ειδική Πόλη
—  Posillipo Special City  —
Karpathos Special City
Karpathos Skyline.png
Skyline of Karpathos
Karpathos Seal.png
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Nickname(s): The Waterfront City, The Big Orange, The Tree City, The City on the Bay, The Fireworks City
Location of Karpathos.png
Country of Posillipo, with Karpathos Special City highlighted in pink.
Country Flag of Posillipo The United Kingdom of Posillipo
County Karpathos County
City Seat Capaccio District
Established 1543
Incorporated (Town) 1678
Incorporated (City) 1710
Incorporated (Posillipo Special City) 1743
Founder Paraskevas Nikodemos
 - Type Karpathos Metropolitan Government
 - Mayor Chrysanthos Fotis
Population 10,954,212
Metro Population 21,002,123
Denonym Karpathonian
Website www.karpathossc.psp

Karpathos, officially the Karpathos Special City, is the largest city of the United Kingdom of Posillipo and the capital of Karpathos County. A megacity, Karpathos is home to over 10 million people and is one of the largest cities in New Gaea. The city is divided into 34 districts and is one of the three Posillipo Special Cities

Karpathos is located in the southwestern corner of Posillipo and faces Karthos Bay. The city is a center for refining, shipbuilding, manufacturing, and other heavy and light industries. A major port is located in South Karpathos on Karthos Bay. The city is home to the major aerospace company, Luftbahn's, jet manufacturing plant. The plant is one of the largest jet manufacturing plants in the world. Also home to Obfirmo Capitus Industries and Trentino Incorporated, Karpathos is the leading aerospace manufacturing city in New Gaea.

Kyrillos International Airport, serving the city, is the largest airport in Posillipo. The Port of Kleon is the largest in New Gaea. The city is served by the stations of the extensive subway line of Karpathos. The Southern Posilliponian High Speed Rail Line also has a terminal in the city. The city is home to the Royal Navy of Posillipo.








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