Most populous cities in Posillipo
Rank Posilliponian City County Population Image Description
1 Κάρπαθος Karpathos Karpathos 10,954,212 Karpathos Skyline Karpathos is the largest city in Posillipo and is the economic capital of the country. It is governed as a Posillipo Special City.
2 Αθανας Athanos Marinus 3,574,340 Bananas Athanas is a major economic leader of Posillipo, with it's downtown district sitting on a long peninsula over Lake Marinus Athanas is considered one of the most beautiful Posilliponian Cities.
3 Κωνσταντινος Konstantinos 2,509,187 Coming soon... Coming Soon...
4 Δημητριος Demetrios Philippos 2,435,432 AgrilosSkyline Demetrios is the capital of Posillipo.
5 Διονυσιος Dionysios Cleitus 1,498,665 Coming soon... Coming soon...
This list is incomplete.