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A composite relief image compiled of Itzamna.

The following is a list of sovereign states and dependent territories in Itzamna, including their capitals, official languages, currencies, population, area, and GDP per capita at PPP.

Itzamna is bordered on the west by the Pastian Ocean and on the east by the Atian Ocean. Tikal and the Ceridwen Sea lie to the north and the Algorian Ocean lies to the south. Itzamna has an area of approximately 33,507,204 square kilometers (33,521,687 mi²), or more than 15.3% of New Gaea's surface. The population is almost 425 million, according to estimates complied by the COFR. Itzamna ranks second among all inhabited continents in area and population (both after Tikal).

Sovereign states and other territoriesEdit

     Overseas department or dependency

Flag Name Official name Form of government Capital Official language(s)
Flag of Atia Atia (Duwamish) Territory of Duwamishite Atia Territory of Duwamish Whidbey Atian,
Flag of Carpathios Carpathios (Posillipo) Royal Commonwealth of Carpathios Commonwealth of Posillipo Carthos Posilliponian, Insulonian
Flag of Gansbaai Gansbaai The Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms Sociailist federation None[1] Gansbaaian,
Flag of Insulo Insulo Republic of Insulo Federal constitutional Republic Erikkson Escambian,
Flag of La Palma La Palma (Insulo) Territory of La Palma Territory of Insulo Santa Cruz de La Palma Insulonian
Flag of Platte Republic Platte Republic Constitutional Republic of the Platte Constitutional Republic Cedar Bluffs Escambian
Flag of Polinesio Polinesio Republicá Polinesió Constitutional Republic Villa Francís Insulonian
Flag of Posillipo Posillipo United Kingdom of Posillipo Senatorial Monarchy Agrilos Etruscan,
Flag of T'nah Air T'nah Air (Insulo) Federated Nayamam States of T'nah Air

Autonomous Region of Insulo

Dzibilchaltún[2] Nayaman, Insulonian
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Demographics and geographyEdit

     Overseas department or dependency

Name Area
Population Map
Atia (Duwamish) 1,137,860 3,560,330 Location of Atia
Carpathios (Posillipo) 527,238 2,443,000 Location of Carpathios
Gansbaai 1,733,694 9,789,702 Location of Gansbaai
Insulo 6,490,719 74,357,451 Location of Insulo
La Palma (Insulo) 170px
Platte Republic 170px
Polinesio 170px
Posillipo Location of Posillipo
T'nah Air (Insulo) 9,543,000 Location of T'nah Air
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Economic statisticsEdit

     Overseas department or dependency

Name Currency GDP (PPP) per capita
(in enieos)
Atia (Duwamish) Enieo
Carpathios (Posillipo)
Gansbaai Enieo
La Palma (Insulo)
Platte Republic
T'nah Air (Insulo)
This table is incomplete.


  1. The Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms has ten self-governing provinces with separate capitals, but no national capital.
  2. Dzibilchaltún is recognized as the national capital of T'nah Air, because it commands the military during war, but all other affairs are controlled by the twelve District Capitals.

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