Tikal Sat

A composite relief image compiled of Tikal.

The following is a list of sovereign states and dependent territories in Tikal, including their capitals, official languages, currencies, population, area, and GDP per capita at PPP.

Tikal is located in the Western Hemisphere and is bordered on the west by the Pastian Ocean, on the north by the Glacian Ocean, on the east by the Atian Ocean, and on the south by the Ceridwen Sea and Itzamna. Tikal is mostly uninhabited at the moment and many statistics are unavailable.

Sovereign states and other territoriesEdit

     Overseas department or dependency

Flag Name Official name Form of government Capital Official language(s)
Flag of Escambia Escambia Bundesrepublik Betrugsein Democratic dictatorship Freeport Escambian,
Flag of Lisieux Lisieux Republic of Lisieux Unitary parliamentary democratic constitutional monarchy Canmore Lisieuxvian,

Demographics and geographyEdit

     Overseas department or dependency

Name Area
Population Map
Escambia 9,227,736 215,000,000 Location of Escambia
Lisieux 17,403,148 540,000,000 Location of Lisieux

Economic statisticsEdit

     Overseas department or dependency

Name Currency GDP (PPP) per capita
(in enieos)
Escambia Enieo 27,000[1]
Lisieux Enieo 16,914


  1. This is the GDP nominal per capita for Escambia. PPP data is not released.

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