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The Confederacy of Free Regions (COFR) is an international organization whose stated aims are facilitating cooperation between its member states. The organization is often known as a SimCity 4 union and is the second incarnation of the COFR. The first incarnation was founded in 2007, but disbanded in October 2009. The union was revived on 4 October 2010 when several Alliance of Independent Nations (AIN) members resigned to form their own union. There are currently twelve member states, eleven being full members, while one is an ambassadorial member. The organization is divided into three main organs, the Executive Department, Assembly of Nations, and lower departments. The COFR's main public figure is the Chancellor, currently Jon Clark of Insulo, who attained the post in 2011. New Chandler hosts the Assembly of Nations and serves as the headquarters of the organization. (more...)

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The seal of Pelham.

Pelham is a province in the sovereign state of New Chandler that occupies the island farthest to the Northwest. At the 2008 census, the population of the state was 13,026,000. Pelham is the smallest and most dense state in New Chandler 2.0, ranking third in population and fourth in size. About eighty-five percent of Pelham's population practice Sunni Islam and about seventy percent of Pelham speaks Arabic as their first language. The largest city by population and by area in Pelham is Roseburgh. (more...)

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Posillipo Skyline

The skyline of Posillipo City in Posillipo. It is the second largest city in the country.