New Chandler City
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City of New Chandler
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Clockwise from top: New Chandler Central Core, Regal District, New Chandler CityDome, BankNC Arena, Axchester Butte
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Country New Chandler
 - Mayor Cam Church (R)
New Chandler City is the largest city by population and area as well as the capital of both the Confederacy of Free Regions union and the Republic of New Chandler. It is home to National Assembly of New Chandler, the New Chandler Capitol Building, and the Assembly of Nations of the COFR.

New Chandler City, with a population of 7,441,048 in the city proper, is the most populous city in the COFR. The New Chandler City metropolitan area is the most populous metro area in the COFR, with a total population of 19,356,063 million citizens. The metropolitan area includes the cities of Andersen, Compton, La Brea, Torreon, and Winchester.