Vasílissa (Queen) of The United Kingdom of Posillipo
Queen Sofia.png
Βασίλισσα Σοφία IV
Sofia Renaldi IV

since January 12, 2008
Style Her Majesty
Your Highness
Residence Biddingforth Palace
Term length Life Reign
Inaugural holder King Charles I
Formation Posillipo Constitution
Succession Eldest Child
Deputy Duke of the State
Salary 900,000 Cretino/Yr

The Vasílissa of Posillipo is the Reigning Queen and the Head of State of The Kingdom of Posillipo and the Commonwealth of Carpathios. As head of state, she presides over the day to day jobs and duties of the Kingdom and serves as the personification and embodiment of the United Kingdom of Posillipo and the Commander-in-Chief of the Posillipo Armed Forces, even though she has appointed the Duke of the State to this job. The current queen is twenty-nine years old and was married to Andreas T. Saathoff of Escambia, who became Duke of the State after their wedding. The royal family has recently announced the pregnancy of Queen Renaldi.

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