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City of Roseburgh
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Country New Chandler
 - Mayor Omar Mustafa (C)
Roseburgh is the provincial capital as well as the largest city, by area and population, in Pelham, New Chandler, and the fourth most populous in the country, behind Damascus, Rockaway, and New Chandler City. It is also the most dense city in the country. Roseburgh is known for it's very strong culture in it's shantytowns and flea markets, although these areas are seldom visited by tourists due to security concerns (Roseburgh, per person, is by far the most corrupt city in the country).

Recently Roseburgh has emerged as a major global commerce and business hub, with the development of the Roseburgh Financial Harbour. Real Estate around the Financial Harbour has skyrocketed in the last five years, more than any other area in New Chandler. Similar to cities in the Arabian Peninsula, such as Dubai, has recently attracted world attention through many gigantic construction projects and major international sporting events, which is also putting the poor citizens in Roseburgh's many shantytowns to work.