Office of the Department of Secretariat
K50 Secretariat Logo
The seal used by Smith for the Department of Secretariat. It uses the New Chandler colors.
COFR seal
The Seal of the COFR
Executive Office overview
Formed 4 October 2010
Headquarters New Chandler City, New Chandler
Employees 1
Minister Flag of New Chandler K. Smith

The Secretariat is an elected executive position who is the head of the Ministries of the COFR. It has had one office holder, K. Smith, since the ministry was established with the COFR in October 2010. This makes the office of Secretariat currently the only executive office with only one office holder.

The offices of the Secretariat are within the COFR Headquarters and Assembly of Nations complex in New Chandler City, New Chandler.


The Secretariat office was, originally, the name of the office of the highest power in the COFR, which was held by Nate Saathoff. However, in late 2010, the names of Secretariat and Chancellor were switched. This still kept then-secretariat Saathoff as the highest executive, however renamed Chancellor. K. Smith still remained as the third in executive power, although his name changed from Chancellor to Secretariat.


In December 2010, the elections were originally against Bruce Englehardt II and Jon Clark. However, Clark then ran for Chancellor (a position he received), and Smith ran against Englehardt, when Clark changed his campaign. In voting, Englehardt appeared to have won the election, however, it was then discovered that there was an extra vote, cast by a member not in the COFR. Smith was awarded a recount, and won the election by one vote. As of now, this election is still the closest in COFR history.

It is expected that in the June 2011 elections, Smith will run again for Secretariat. It is unknown who else, if anyone, will run for Secretariat as well.

Operating unitsEdit

List of MinistersEdit

Order Minister Took office Left office Term
1 COFR seal K. Smith 4 October 2010 Incumbent 1