UD Arena
UD Arena night
Former names Dawson Center (2007–10)
Location 560 University Way
Dawson, Duwamish
Broke ground May 1, 2005
Opened October 1, 2007
Owner University of Dawson
Operator University of Dawson Athletics
Construction cost ϵ100 million
Capacity 25,300 (Basketball)
29,000 (Futsal)
25,100 (Ice hockey)
27,000 (Lacrosse)
Executive Suites 60
Record attendance 35,060
Dawson Ducks (DCSO) (2007–present)
Dawson Eagles (DBA) (2007–2010)
Dawson Eagles (CBA) (2010–present)
Dawson Tide F.C. (IFL) (2011–present)

UD Arena is a multi-purpose sports venue located in Downtown Dawson, Duwamish that has served as the home of the athletic department of the University of Dawson since 2007, the Dawson Eagles of the Duwamish Basketball Association (DBA) and later the Confederacy Basketball Association (CBA), and the Dawson Tide F.C. of the International Futsal League (IFL). It was originally called Dawson Center but was renamed in January 2010 when the University of Dawson took over ownership from the city of Dawson. The complex also includes an events center for smaller events, a parking area, and a public plaza. The venue can host basketball, futsal, ice hockey and lacrosse. Located near the Dawson Mall Canals, University of Dawson campus, Dawson Park and Downtown. UD Arena is also accessible by University Way and forms of mass transit.

The stadium was built between 2005 and 2007 after voters approved funding for the construction in a province-wide election held on April 1, 2003. This vote created a public–private partnership in which the facility could be contracted for many events, but priority rested on major sports leagues and the University of Dawson athletic department. The stadium is a modern facility with views of the university campus and the nightlife district of Downtown Dawson. Dawson Sports later signed a lease to let its two teams, the Dawson Eagles and Dawson Tide F.C. use the stadium for an undisclosed per-game fee.






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